Sunny bike path

What’s the weather like?

Our coastal environment lends itself to brisk mornings, even in the summer, when sweatshirts or jackets are recommended. Midday and afternoons are mostly sunny and warm. Evenings return to refreshing, and sometimes foggy, cooler temps. Don't forget to bring a jacket and comfortable shoes as many areas on the campus are hilly and on uneven terrain.

What is my room like - What should I bring?

  • Adult Conferences
    You will be housed in student apartments and all occupants will share common areas – living and dining room, kitchen and bathroom. All beds are twin size. If you have a single room you will have one twin size bed in your room. If you chose a double room, there will be two twin size beds. The apartments contain few amenities and we recommend bringing your own alarm clock and personal toiletries. Most conferences include bed linens and two towels and a washcloth. If you like the feel of your own towels, by all means please bring them with you.
  • Conference bedroomYouth Academic & Sports Camps
    Youth conferences are typically housed in college residential buildings with shared common bathrooms on each floor. Each participant brings their own bed and bath linens.
  • I would like to cook my own meals. Are there kitchens in apartments?
    All apartments have their own kitchens, but the stoves are turned off in the summer for liability purposes. The refrigerators are left on for the enjoyment of our guests. No cooking is allowed in any apartments and there are no microwaves or toaster ovens.

Can I bring someone else with me to the conference?

If you want to bring others with you, please contact your Conference Coordinator well in advance. We try to place those of the same gender in the same apartment.

Where do I park my car?

Adult conference participants and youth program staff will receive a parking permit when you check in. Parking for conferences is very limited and may not be near your housing location. We encourage all participants to car pool or take commuter shuttles whenever possible.

What kind of food is served?

All meals (except those catered by your group) will be served in one of our campus dining halls. You will have several entrée options at each meal including vegetarian choices.

College Nine Dining Hall

Can I smoke on the campus?

No. In accordance with university policy for a smoke-free environment smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products, and the use of unregulated nicotine products (e.g. “e-cigarettes”) is prohibited in all UC Santa Cruz facilities, on all university grounds, and on all university-owned and leased properties regardless of location. This policy applies to all indoor and outdoor areas.  more »

Is there a restaurant on campus?

Beverage and snack machines are located throughout campus but hours of operation are limited. Iveta Cafe (831-459-3066) and the Bay Tree Bookstore (831-459-1337) are located in the center of campus. The Express Store at the Bay Tree Bookstore offers snacks and drinks to take out Monday through Saturday.

Can I use my laptop?

UCSC-Guest is an open access unencrypted wireless network for guests requiring temporary access to Internet browsers while visiting UCSC.

Instructions to access UCSC-Guest can be found here