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Summer Season 2024 Room and Board Package 

June 23, 2024 – August 30, 2024

Rates are per person, per night and include three meals per day (beginning with dinner and ending with lunch) and based on a 30 person, 3 night minimum; higher rates will apply for shorter-term or smaller groups.

Program Rates

Youth Programs
double occupancy,
bed and bath linens not included
Linen rentals available

(programs less than 3 weeks)

(programs longer than 3 weeks)

Adult Standard Apartment
bed and bath linens included

$136.27 - double (per person, sharing bedroom)

$150.33 - single (per person, single bedroom)

Meeting Rooms and Special Event Areas

Facility Rate
Classrooms (20-80 people) $60-$100
Social Space/Lounges $75-$100
Lecture halls (81-473 people) $100-$200
Patios/Outdoor Events $200-$300
Multipurpose Meeting Rooms $100-$150
Event Centers/Dining Halls $200-$300
Recreational Facilities Various

Catered Event Estimates

Event Rate
Coffee Break: Beverage and Snack $6-$10 per person
Boxed Lunch $12-$16 per person
Buffet Lunch $15-$20 per person
Reception $15-$25 per person
Buffet Dinner $20-$30 per person
Barbecue $20-$30 per person
9.25% sales tax added to catered events

Commuter Parking

By permit only

Parking Permit Type Rate
Daily $10
Weekly $45
Monthly $150

Commuter Meal Tickets

Meal Rate
Breakfast $14.00
Lunch $14.00
Dinner $14.00
Pre-ordered and added to master bill
9.25% sales tax added to catered events

Commuter Fee

Participants not staying on campus may not exceed more than 20% of housing participants

Group Size Rate
Groups staying 7 nights or less $15 per participant
Groups staying more than 7 nights $30 per participant

Audio Visual Equipment

Rental rates apply to delivered audio visual room equipment as well as delivered audio visual equipment. Installation and delivery charges will also apply

Equipment Rates
Media Cabinet Access $220.00/daily
Screen $30-$70
Microphone $22-$42
Document Camera $20-$40
Overhead projector $21
Sound System $138-$190
Data Projector $110
Slide Projector $21
Laptop $53
VCR/DVD & Monitor $15
Delivery/Setup/Strike $164 (required)

Equipment Rentals

Item Daily Weekly
5’ x 18” table $10 $15
6’ x 30” table $10 $15
Folding chair $1.50 $3.00
Podium $25 $50
Pop-up tents (EZ-ups) $25 $100
Linen packets  - $40 per packet
Additional delivery and pick-up charges will apply


Conference Services staff is available to assist with set up and dismantle of equipment and furniture for your conference meeting room and special events

Time of Day Rate
8:00am – 5:00pm $25.00 per hour, per person
Before 8am and after 5:00pm $40.00 per hour, per person

Recreation Day Passes

Includes Rate
Inquire with coordinator TBD

Shuttle Transportation Services

Campus shuttle buses are available to assist with transporting your conference participants to and from special events and require a 4-hour minimum

Description Rate
20 or 30 person UCSC bus and driver $117 per hour 

Additional Charges

  • Lost keys and meal cards
  • Copying/printing 
  • Late check-outs/early arrivals
  • Temporary office space
  • Liability insurance premiums
  • Telephone access 
  • Additional guest in sleeping room
  • Transportation/shuttles
  • Additional labor
  • Cleaning charges
  • Facilities delivery/pickup charges
  • Additional trash/recycling removal
  • Special event costs (alcohol, entertainment, gifts, decorations, lanyards, names badges)